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With our web-based applications you can be up and running within minutes! All that's needed is....

◊ Internet Connectivity
◊ Web Browser
◊ Login

All of our applications are web based.You only need Internet connectivity and a web browser to access the applications.Logging into the application is easily accomplished by clicking on the Login menu tab at the top of the masonlane.com web page.

We are using PayPal for “Merchant Services” and all payment transactions are handled through their site.

We are hosted with a Nationally Accredited hosting provider.Your data, as well as the applications reside on multiple secure, redundant, and backed up servers.

Our pricing is fair and simple.We offer yearly or monthly subscriptions.

With all of our applications you get; Unlimited Users, Free Support, and On-Going product upgrades.

There is a 14 day SHINEBOX FREE DEMO available.
There is a 14 day SUNRAY FREE DEMO available.
There is a 14 day TANGERINE FREE DEMO available.

Documentation and Tutorials can be found within the applications under the Help sections.If you’d like to learn more before purchasing, please register for a FREE DEMO account to access all of the documentation.

Currently, we are integrated with WePay, Intuit Quickbooks, MapQuest, and Dropbox.Access to these products can be found within the application in their designated location.

Accept credit card payments from your customers with SHINEBOX's integration with WePay and all transactions are seamlessly recorded in both systems. WePay is the surprisingly simple way for small businesses to accept credit cards.

With Intuit Quickbooks you are able to Import/Export selected data, thus providing you with the benefits of two powerful Business Management applications.

Maps, Routing, Optimization, and Directions can be found throughout the application with MapQuest.

Instead of programming a file management system, which would ultimately store your data on our servers we’ve integrated with Dropbox.This provides the flexibility for you to have convenient access to additional data on your own system, and allowing for greater storage capacity, security, and data integrity.However, your application data is stored on our hosted servers and is secure, redundant, and backed up regularly. We suggest that you take advantage of saving a copy of the entire database, as well as, your customer information on a scheduled time-frame, with the functionality provided in the application.

We’ve made it simple to purchase, access, and use our applications.Our company is focused on providing our customers with three core concepts, which are, excellence, affordability, and dedication.We believe that our applications will help you run a more effective and efficient business with regards to business management. We have a nation-wide customer base that's growing every day.We offer great support and truly appreciate your business.