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Lake Local School District

Anyone investigating a routing service or looking to change from the product they currently have should without a doubt explore what Masonlane has to offer, it certainly has made our life easier, our drivers happier, and improved our efficiency, which in turn has a reflection on our budget.

Chris Eliopoulos

Mapleton Local Schools

As a Transportation Supervisor, for Mapleton Local Schools in Ohio, I would like to share with you my experience with a routing program called Sunray by Masonlane.  We had been looking for a new program, my Superintendent got an email from Masonlane regarding the features of Sunray, and sent it to me.  I immediately emailed Masonlane and got a response right back, with a  small example to try.  Shortly after evaluating Sunray we purchased the application, and have found that it is the most cost  reasonable and user friendly program that we have ever used.  Masonlane support has been very helpful, and any problems or issues that I may have had they were right on it, and I had the answer later that day or first thing in the morning.  They have just been wonderful to work with.  If your school is looking to purchase a routing system I would recommend Masonlane’s Sunray 100 percent.  It has made my life and job so much better.

Tammy Reynolds This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dale Public Schools

It has been a pleasure working with the guys at Masonlane. When deciding to purchase their product, I had several questions. An actual live person answered the phone quickly each time I called! My school district has purchased the School Bus Mapper software (Sunray). My principals are very excited about the possibility of having our bus routes on our website for parents to see. Doing business with Masonlane has been a pleasure. I will recommend their services to all my friends in education.

Charlie Dickinson

Russ Patrick

I have had the opportunity to work with Masonlane on numerous occasions to assist with the design, set-up and overall construction of my company database. Masonlane is quick, efficient, professional, communicates well and gets the job done at an extremely reasonable rate.

Russ Patrick rzmg.com

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